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lat·i·tude: [lat-i-tood, -tyood]: Freedom from narrow restrictions; freedom of action or choice. Chances are, you'd probably like independent and wise investment advice with no sales pressure. Here at Latitudes we’ve made it our business to do just that. Rest assured, it’s definitely not Wall Street business as usual at Latitudes Financial Strategies.

The Retirement Dilemma by Rick DiBiasio, Latitudes Founder, now available on Amazon.

 Hi, I'm Rick DiBiasio, a 30 year veteran of the financial services industry and I founded Latitudes to offer an alternative to the mass marketed financial products offered by Wall Street. There is something to be said for independence, insight, and a financial planning process that is customized to your needs.  

The pace and complexity of managing modern finances leave many people feeling unprepared and uncertain about their financial future. We begin with our proprietary software, Wealthvision SM.

Our advisory process is comprehensive, customized to your objectives, and capable of addressing a wide range of financial circumstances and concerns. We partner with you to pull all your finances together and organize them in one centralized location to better position you to pursue your financial goals and aspirations.

Our planning process will help you:
„„ * See your finances from a holistic point of view
„„ * Create integrated strategies that take all your financial activities into account
„„ * Identify long-term goals and the steps needed to pursue them
„„ * Track your progress and make adjustments as you experience new life events

Our proprietary WealthVisionSM platform will then integrate your financial plan with a robust, personal financial website. Its powerful engine can generate comprehensive financial planning analytics—calculating cash flow projection, modeling “what-if” scenarios, and generating alerts when adjustments may need to be made. You’ll have access to budget tools, reports, educational materials, and storage for personal documents in one convenient and secure location.

The WealthVision Client Portal is designed to provide you with the robust features you need to keep in touch with what’s important to you. Your secure, personal website is available via desktop or mobile and allows you to track your progress against the goals set up by you and your financial advisor. And perhaps most importantly, you never have to worry about your information being shared with online advertisers and other service providers.

Simplify your finances. Spend more time on what’s important. If you’re looking to take the complexity out of managing your finances, it would be our pleasure to talk to you about accessing your comprehensive financial picture today.

Call me at 407-909-1033 to schedule a time when we can have a conversation about improving your financial plan.

Helpful Content

Helpful Content

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