Does this sound familiar?

You’re accomplished, rising to the top of your career, and tenacious, but you still have concerns about your future. You’re not sure if you really can do it all, or if you’re even on the right path. Doubt may set in: Can I navigate volatility? Can I support my family financially? Can I actually retire?

The greatest heroes never work alone. They have a guide — a guy in the chair, a wisened mentor — to support them in their efforts. As a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, I’m here to help you answer some of your tough questions about personal finance. But above that, I’m here to listen and be your guide while you pursue your financial goals.

The Process

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Who We Serve


DIY Investors

Does learning about personal finance and creating your own financial path excite you? Do you also wonder if the strategy you’ve developed is guiding you down the right path? Whether you’re stuck on a specific task or want someone to validate your entire strategy, I can give you meaningful feedback.


New in Town

Just settled into West Orange County and are ready to start your new life here? With experienced, personalized guidance, all the “firsts” that come with settling somewhere new don’t have to be intimidating. Together, we’ll discover what your goals are, and build your understanding of your strengths and opportunities so you’re empowered to pursue your financial goals.


Can I Retire?

If the thought of not being ready to retire when you want to is keeping you up, let’s talk. We’ll discuss your ideal retirement, review your current strategy, create retirement recommendations, and address any concerns you have along the way.


Domestic Partners


Domestic partners can be unmarried committed couples or even two sisters sharing a home. You and your partner may not be ready to tie the knot, or you may be worried about legislative changes, but you can’t imagine life without them. As other aspects of your lives intertwine, you’re both considering how your finances fit into your shared life. Together, we’ll discover the most suitable financial picture for you, and how to plan ahead.


Meet Rick DiBiasio, CFP®

Like you, I love the idea that investing has the potential to fuel innovation, growth, and meaningful change. With over 37 years of experience in financial services and no plans of stopping, I use my entrepreneurial spirit to guide people like you as they create their own paths to their financial goals.

More About Rick

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