As the hero of your own story, you can control how much guidance you need. You may only want a guide for an individual goal, like choosing 401(k) investments. Or you may need someone to provide continuous guidance across your full financial picture. I’m here to support you and provide the no-nonsense guidance you deserve.

In many ways, it’s like being part of a team. For a team to push themselves to reach their potential, you need a coach that can highlight your strengths, address your weaknesses, and create a plan that considers both. All while aiming higher so you can pursue your goals.

Second Opinion for DIY Investors

As a DIY investor, you’re creating your own path to your goals and retirement. You’ve done your research, but you wonder if there’s something missing. You’re looking for someone who can validate your current strategy, and provide authentic, meaningful feedback.

Together, we’ll

  • Collaborate to build a shared understanding of your needs and concerns.
  • Determine if your investment strategy is really helping you pursue your goals
  • Review recommendations based on your hopes for your financial future, and build your financial knowledge base
Financial Plans & Guidance | Latitudes Financial Strategies
Financial Plans & Guidance | Latitudes Financial Strategies

Just Getting Started

You’re finally in your dream career and are starting to plan for the future. You know a little about financial planning, but the information and options out there are overwhelming. You’re looking for the wisdom and experience that comes from a professional, but also want to build your understanding of finance.

Together, we’ll

  • Walk through the financial planning process
  • Discuss your questions and concerns, and grow your financial knowledge in straightforward, jargon-free language.
  • Adapt my availability to suit your busy schedule. You will always have a direct line to me

Ready to Retire

You’re starting to get closer to your preferred retirement age, but you still have questions. Am I really ready to retire? What happens if I run out of money? Will I be financially okay if I require long-term care?

Together, we’ll

  • Talk through the questions and thoughts you have about retiring
  • Assess your current strategy and better align it to your ideal timeline, lifestyle, and aspirations
  • Discuss recommendations, including 401(k) investment selection 
  • If needed, recommend insurance solutions to help protect your wealth
Financial Plans & Guidance | Latitudes Financial Strategies
Financial Plans & Guidance | Latitudes Financial Strategies

For Domestic Partners

You and your partner can’t image life without each other. Regardless of whether marriage is in your future, or if you’re worried about legislative changes, you want to better organize your finances and protect both of your best interests.


Together, we’ll

  • Discuss the lifestyle you want to share together, as well as your separate personal goals
  • Determine if it’s more beneficial to combine your assets or keep them separate
  • Navigate some of the more difficult subjects, like death, disability, and potential breakups, so you’re better prepared if they happen

Ready to get started? Let’s chat and see how personalized, distinct financial guidance can help you pursue your goals.

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