To pursue the financial aspirations you want, the retirement security you need, and the clarity and well-being you deserve, it’s considered vital to start with a plan. One that considers who you are, your goals, strengths, challenges, and potential.

As your guide, it’s my responsibility to listen, learn, and understand your needs before creating your financial strategy. My onboarding process is designed around collaboration, keeping you included and educated at every stage. My results have been honed from over 37 years of helping people through good markets and bad.


Discovery Meeting

Listening is the foundation of what I do. After all, how can we pair you with the appropriate strategies if we don’t know your needs or goals?

Our first meeting is focused on communicating, and understanding who you are and what you’re looking for. It’s also an opportunity for you to learn more about me and see if our values align.


Develop Your Plan

Now that we have a better idea of who you are and what you’re looking for, we’ll take a closer look at your current financial strategy. We’ll assess your strengths, opportunities, and any potential risks. We’ll also review your priorities and create a preliminary plan that aims to address them.


Implement and Educate

This is when your recommendations are presented. As we talk through your strategy, we’ll break down the steps to get started, set up accounts if needed, and create a follow-up plan so you stay engaged and informed.

As we go through your plan recommendations, I encourage questions and feedback. I want you to feel empowered and inspired by your new strategy.


Ongoing Support

Your strategy is designed to be flexible, so if your priorities and needs change, we can adapt.

Through ongoing meetings and communication, we’ll proactively check to make sure your strategy still fits. I’ll track your progress, and keep you updated so you can be better equipped as you work toward your goals and tackle any obstacles.


Task-Focused or Holistic: What’s the Difference?

Not everyone needs, or wants, a guidance strategy that covers all aspects of their financial picture. Sometimes there are only a couple of things you need a knowledgeable financial professional for. Here’s a quick look at the difference between a holistic approach and task-specific solutions:

Couple looking at retirement finances


  • Fee-based, a la carte financial strategies
  • Focuses on one or more of your financial picture, such as retirement planning or tax planning strategies
  • Beneficial if you just need a little extra support in a specific area
young family at meeting in office signs document on purchase of real estate or loan agreement

Holistic Planning

  • Fee-based
  • Considers your full financial picture, not just single aspects, to see if they’re working together in unison
  • Ideal if you’re looking for comprehensive guidance and support

If this sounds like a good fit, let’s schedule some time and talk more about your financial goals.

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